Our practical tips:

For walking, you need comfortable shoes but not too heavy and a second pair to alternate so as not to have the rubbing always in the same place and avoid the bulbs the walking sandals to scratch are ideal For the desert, (with socks).

Take a warm sweater for the night as well as a windbreaker.

Do not forget the sunscreen, a lip stick and a pack of wipes ... the toilet paper with a lighter to burn it after use ..

The sleeping bag is absolutely compulsory for mobile bivouacs, it also makes a personal sleeping (more hygienic) which does not prevent to add the cover, it is not necessary in the fixed bivouacs.

You can also take a flashlight or frontal, very useful.

It is also good to take a medicine kit with first aid for a small dressing, paracetamol, anti diarrhea and your usual medications if you have any.

When you are about to leave with the dromedaries, we will ask you to take only the necessary ones for the hike and to leave the rest at the bivouac in a safe place or in your car ... plan therefore the possibility of dividing your luggage in two parts ..

It should be noted that the dromedaries easily carry the bags, but not the suitcases.

Stay :

Verify that the passport has been endorsed by the border police. In Morocco, for a stay of three months or less, the valid passport is required. For more than three months, it is advisable to contact the tie of the Moroccan immigration service.

Photography :

Avoid taking pictures of people without permission.

Before taking a picture, ask your guide if it is possible to take pictures of the local population or passengers.