Fair Tourism
Séjours et circuits au Maroc

Our business supports the local trades we work with: guides, camel drivers, drivers, shopkeepers, "bivouacers", cooks ... The agency often employs also the villagers whose ability may be in the service of your stay: women to prepare a couscous or launder sheets, young people to animate friendly evenings with their songs and their music. Camp under the stars grounds its business on fair tourism ethics. In these ethics the agency oversees the protection of the environment, employs only local staff and drew up a charter...…

The Charter of "Bivouac under the Stars"

The Charter of "Bivouac under the Stars"
A Charter based on fundamental values to share above all because they are values ??of solidarity: tourism is a meeting and an exchange between two cultures. This meeting must be beneficial to both parties: the traveller and the ones who welcome him

Tourisme équitable
1) Respect for human
The rapprochement of people develops in the respect of difference, everyone accepts the other's traditions. Without passing judgment: let us accept invitations, sharing, let us respect family customs, dress and religious as well as the local living standards. Let us take care not to be eager, to display an ostentatious attitude and to ask too many personal questions.

2) Respect of the earth

The nature of the desert is dry and arid. Waste degradation is slower than in rainy areas. It is a fragile nature where we must leave only our footsteps.
Nomades du desert

3) Respect of heritage

In the desert, the remains should not be moved or damaged. The fauna and flora are also part ofthe heritage. If with camels can getaway from the usual tracks, you cannot do it in a 4 wheeled vehicle without disturbing life, then what about quads! Let us follow the tracks used by motor vehicles.

4) Liability

Séjours et circuits au Maroc We are all responsible for the way we travel. Learn how to be curious, attentive and open to the other to understand the country and its aspirations. We are all responsible for the future of our children and children of the world: do not waste water and do not defile it. Let us bring to our country the non-degradable waste such as batteries, aerosols, etc…

It is obvious that the values ??set in the Charter must be respected on both sides.

For the children of the village: a mini leisure center

Within the framework of fair tourism, for assistance to children of the village of M'Hamid in the palm grove, we have created an association " aide et rencontre M'hamid " (Helpand Meet M'hamid). We are sponsored and funded since January 2010 by the french association "aide et rencontre " based in France in Alsace in the village of Landser.

Our aim is to become independent of our internal operations, in this way , "aide et rencontre " may subsidize another village and help other children in desert areas.

The objective of the association is only education, we implemented a local open to all children from four to twelve years.

This room is equipped with educational materials for drawing, handicrafts, construction games, puzzles and games of all kinds and also has many books ......

All this equipment comes either recovery or from generous donors.

Our operating costs are approximately 300 euros per month, which cover:

- The salaries of three local girls that surround children.

- Rent of the premises.

- Water, electricity.

- Maintenance of premises.

We give you this information for you to unleash your desire to help the village, children and the association;

there are many ways to help us, we are at your disposal to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. You can also visit:

Thank you for your interest in sharing tourism and sustainable development of Morocco's southern region to the door of this magnificent Sahara Desert.