Child’s eyes


My name is Malak, I am a 9 and a half year old boy, who lives in France, I went for a month in Morocco with my grandmother who lives in a small village at the entrance of the desert, M'hamid.
I drove a lot from Marrakech and visited Moroccan cities on the desert path.

The desert :
It is necessary to avoid coming in the month of June July August because it is too hot, otherwise the other months are fine.
I stayed all the month of June, I was hot and besides it was the month of Ramadan, it was very interesting like experience .... I went to the desert at the bivouac one morning early and I I had fun on the dunes with a friend, great roulades, races and sledding.
I made a friend, who lives in the same village as my granny, he lives there with his mother and two sisters he is 14 years old and is called Antonin, we got along very well ...

The very big dunes:
I went to sleep one night at the bivouac of Chigaga, two hours of 4x4 from the village, the highest dunes, I surfed on the dunes with a board of sandboard. I went a little further in 4x4 and I went on a dune of 60 m approximately it was a big slide I had sand full pockets, and then I saw the sunset seen from above, it was very beautiful and then the evening after the meal we made music around the fire ... I also liked the trip in 4x4 because we went through landscapes that I was not used to seeing .
Ramadan :
It can be great when we are going to do the ftor (break of the young) when the sun goes down, in people and I love it is cool there is fat bread, a lot of natural fruit juice made At home boiled eggs, they even mix milk with coca it's rather weird, weird, but not bad when it's cool. Every night we went to someone different because we were invited and everyone is very welcoming and friendly
Animals :
On Saturday, June 10th, I went to give peelings of fruits and vegetables to a neighbor's house for goats and sheep  and I took alittle goat in my arms he was too cute and he settled down, but I did not keep him. In Morocco we do not throw vegetable waste, there are goats, but also sheep and camels and even the donkeys who eat them ....

The swimming pool :
As it was very hot, I went to the pool with Antonin and his two sisters almost every afternoon it was great, in a hotel at the entrance of the village and it was mostly refreshing.
One evening, going to drop my friend Antonin back from the pool, my granny did not see me get off the car, she left without me, she still came back to get me when she realized that I was not in the car, it was funny.
Storm :
Once at the pool it was normal but the sandstorm and arrived, all of a sudden, it blackened the pool we could not see anything I took all the sand in the eyes it stung me. We quickly went back wrapped in the towel, the landscape was completely sand colored, funny show. But surprise when arriving at home, the floor was covered with sand carpets cushions we cleaned at all, hello the job .

Often in the morning I got up at 6am before it was hot and I went to Antonin to make a small wooden train I went with the saw. The wood, it is us that one went to get it in the dry bed of the oued ...

Washing :
 One morning when I went to finish the little train, I was called to help wash the blanket in a large bowl I did with Antonin, both feet in the basin, we pressed the cover we went watered we had a good laugh and refreshed while working.
The shower :
In summer, there is not much water in the taps, you have to stock up in cans. In the desert you have to learn how to save it. That's why I always showered with a bucket and a saucepan to empty it on my head, it's a good habit to take not difficult.
The encounter :
One day, we knocked on the door there were three boys, one who was carrying a little cat about two or three months ..., the three boys asked us if we wanted to keep it, my grandmother did not Wanted on the moment, then when she saw them leave with the cat in the arms, without knowing what the boys were going to do, she decided to keep it; and she is too cute and she lets herself be carried and caressed nicely and I called her Roukia.
Recreation Center :
This is a place for children, a house in the old village in the palm grove, children love to come because there are a lot of toys ... the biggest make drawings or puzzles. I did not play too much because I do not speak Arabic, but I went there anyway it was cool I watched the big girls who sang and danced to prepare a show.
My trip to Morocco was a little adventure, I met a boy who became my friend, a little cat who will be happy. In Ramadan, the country operates differently, I met many people, it was moments where we could have fun too, playing football.
I found very different landscapes throughout my trip, kasbahs, palm groves and I even saw a stork nest. I learned and discovered different things, another way of living.
Note, this text is authentically written by Malak, we only corrected spelling errors and a few sentences whose clumsy syntax needed to be corrected